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What People are Saying About Kristen O’Dell

"I enjoy being a part of Kristen's challenge groups because each day i feel supported on my journey, yet challenged to continue to push myself in learning about nutrition and new recipes, or through motivation from not only Kristen, but the other members of the group and their journeys. Outside of working out and eating healthy, my personal journey includes a few health related obstacles, and with Kristen being a nurse and in the medical field, I always feel comfortable asking her questions and taking her advice on any topic."

Carol Z.

"During my first challenge I didn't even know how to take a selfie and didn't own a measuring tape. I quickly learned with Kristen's support and her patience what a challenge group is all about. I have found the challenge groups give me daily support and motivation. I now look forward to participating everyday. We hold each other accountable. This is not a diet for me, it is a way of life......clean eating and working out. I am in the best shape I have ever been in my life!"

Peggy A.

"Kristen O'Dell changed my my Beachbody coach she taught me that it was ok to be a work in progress...that making healthy choices is a learning process and she motivated me to try my best and to keep trying in order to make that lifestyle change. She makes challenge groups fun and really inspires the challengers to work together to motivate each other. I'm not "the best version of me" just yet, but thanks to Kristen and all the wonderful challengers who have helped me on my journey, I'm way better than the Me I used to be!"

Meg G.

"Thank you KRISTEN for helping me become A HEATHIER ME!! In just 2 months, from doing the 21 DF & drinking Chocolate Shakeology, my HgbA1C went from 8.6 to 6.5 and I went from taking 6 pills a day for diabetes down to 1 and I went from 1 pill a day down to NONE for my cholesterol!! AND in 3 months I lost over 26 lbs. & 31". I could NOT have done this without you as my COACH and without your GROUPS motivating me, holding me accountable, and sharing new recipes and ideas!! I WILL BE A COACH KRISTEN LIFER!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO AND CONTINUE TO DO!"

Ann T.